First Message…………………..!!!


It’s our world that has been holding us from centuries to centuries. All we have done here is  only fighting for our survival and betterment. We fought for land, for salt, for power, for monarch, for religion and so on. We never saw war for love except for the romanticism in literature. What we are trying to prove is what we are holding for ravishing the world to gain and dominate others in the name of development or civilization. The earthly competition has leads us to the end of the humanly possession. Let’s have some love, smile, modesty, respect, belief, tenderness, sympathy, forgiveness, compassion. Let’s think about softness of our heart and make it open for all regardless of class, race, religion, gender, age. Let’s have a world with equal opportunity and privileges. Let’s uphold our prestige as human as we really are human not dog to fight for only own interest. Let’s broaden our insight, make our conscience free and have some room in our heart for others around us. Let’s our feelings never go untouched, not cared by others. Lt’s have a broader meaning for our life… Let’s our Love be our guide for sustaining the true beauty of living in this world, our world. So, Live simply, Love deeply and Smile widely.